Roborace Driverless Cars Are Futuristic than TRON’s Lightcycles

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Roborace is set to be the first ever autonomous racing series, meaning the cars don’t actually have drivers behind the wheel.

These computer-controlled electric racers should be able to hit a rather terrifying 186mph top speed, and based on the first renders released this week, they’ll look flippin’ gorgeous while they’re at it.

Created by Daniel Simon, the designer that crafted the Light Cycles for Tron: Legacy. They were pretty much the only thing that was actually good about Disney’s sci-fi sequel, apart from Daft Punk’s moody soundtrack.

Aerodynamics are everything, especially as Simon didn’t have to take a driver’s seat into account. We don’t have actual tech specs yet, but expect each car to produce ‘substantial’ downforce.

There are also plans to add active aerodynamic body parts (think DRS and and adjustable rear spoilers) which should encourage overtaking.

Not that computer-controlled cars should need any encouragement – hopefully the racing should be nothing if not hectic.

The racing is apparently still on track for the 2016/2017 Formula E season, with hour-long ‘shows’ acting as support races for the main event.

That could mean a change from the original 10-team, 20-car races suggested back in November.

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