Robot Masons Are Coming Over To Overcome Humans

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Robot Masons Are Coming Over To Overcome Humans

SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) is currently helping out construction workers at various sites and soon take over jobs of human masons.  It is termed semi-automated because a worker is still required at to carry out more intricate tasks such as handling aesthetic details and setting up the work site. Whereas, the robot handles more repetitive and labor intensive tasks such as pick & place of bricks and applying mortar.

The robot requires a set of commands and measurements to be inputted first through your computer before it begins work. The main challenge for the engineers designing this was the dynamic environment of a construction site as opposed to a more fixed nature of tasks at a factory or a production facility.

A study showed that Hadrian can lay bricks more than twice the rate of most skilled masons in the world. At more than 1000 bricks per minute, the robot can erect walls of a home in just under two days, a task that requires a human crew of 6-10 members 3-5 weeks of hard labor. The fundamentals of working for this robot are a little different. This machine operates much more like a 3D printer.



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