ROCCAT Revealed New VULCAN II Series Keyboards

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ROCCAT, a renowned PC gear development brand operating under the umbrella of the Turtle Beach Corporation, recently unveiled the latest additions to its Vulcan II series, serving as the sequel to the popular Vulcan 120 series. Last year, ROCCAT introduced the Vulcan II Max and Vulcan II Mini, expanding the Vulcan II lineup. The two newest keyboards in the Vulcan II family are the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the Vulcan II Mini Air, a cordless variant. Let’s delve into what these keyboards have in common and what sets them apart.


Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Starting with the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, it debuts the newly redesigned Titan II Mechanical Switches. These switches come in two different designs, each catering to distinct preferences. The Titan II Red/Linear switches are optimized for competitive gaming, featuring improved actuation and reduced resistance. On the other hand, the Titan II Brown/Tactile switches are designed to offer light feedback, incorporating gentle bumps and mid-presses.

ROCCAT has meticulously fine-tuned each switch, ensuring optimal performance. The switches come pre-lubricated, resulting in reduced resistance, enhanced transparency to amplify the RGB lighting effects, and exceptional durability, capable of withstanding over 80 million keystrokes. The RGB lighting, once again powered by ROCCAT’s Swarm software, maintains the brand’s signature low-profile design and features an aluminum top finish. Additional notable features include button duplicator technology, n-key rollover, and advanced anti-ghosting technology, making it an excellent choice for gamers.

The keyboard also allows for further customization beyond its base Vulcan II designs and accessories, as it is compatible with a wide range of third-party cross-pattern keycaps. Users can also personalize the keyboard’s color scheme using the AIMO lighting and the aforementioned Swarm software, offering an extensive palette of over 16.8 million color combinations.

In terms of comfort and aesthetics, the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard incorporates a detachable cushioned wrist rest, an aluminum top plate for enhanced durability, several media buttons, and a push-to-mute volume knob. It is available in two color options: Ash Black and Arctic White. Furthermore, the keyboard features 4MB of onboard memory, allowing users to store and preserve their preferred color combinations.

Vulcan II Mini Air

Moving on to the Vulcan II Mini Air, this keyboard retains many of the features found in the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard while introducing its own unique additions. The Vulcan II Mini Air marks ROCCAT’s first-ever wireless keyboard and serves as a successor to the Vulcan II Mini. It offers a more spacious desktop experience and incorporates a movement sensor. This innovative feature ensures that when a player walks away from the keyboard, the Mini Air detects the absence and adjusts its behavior to conserve battery life, which is already long-lasting.

With ROCCAT’s 2.4GHz Stellar Wireless feature and three distinct Bluetooth channels, gamers have the flexibility to connect their favorite devices to the Mini Air. In addition to these unique features, the Mini Air encompasses all the functionalities of the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

Both the Vulcan II Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the Vulcan II Mini Air are set to launch on July 19th. Pre-orders for both keyboards are currently available on the official ROCCAT website as well as through participating retailers.


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