Rock Band 4 Expected Release Date

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Rock Band 4

An Amazon listing for Rock Band 4 says that the title is going to be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 6th. We can guess that this is accurate, because retailers have a habit of outing release dates of upcoming titles even before they have been properly revealed by the developer or the publisher.

The date makes sense because it would put the title up against the new Guitar Hero title which is also due to be released this fall. According to Amazon, a full kit for Rock Band 4 is going to cost $249.99, which includes the title, a guitar, mic and drum kit. There’s a package on Toys R Us which only includes the guitar for $129.99.
Old Rock Band instruments will be able to work with the new title, so you can get a copy of Rock Band 4 alone for $59.99 too.



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