Rockstar Revealed a New GTA Online Heist And Location

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New GTA Online Heist

Heists are the most important part of Grand Theft Auto V‘s multiplayer mode, GTA Online, but given their importance, it’s not often that new heists are offered through new updates. The first video teaser for what seems to be the game’s next heist has now been revealed, and it may also show off a new location that is being released to the game.

Check out the video below which is shared on Twitter, and while brief, it does give some new tantalizing teases. It applies to the “El Rubio dossier” and shows a corpse laying on the beach. There are also a series of photos quickly flashed on screen showing off fields, a guard tower, and some kind of compound.

Rockstar has been teasing some kind of new extension to the game’s Diamond Casino and Resort lately. Players have been informed about noise levels associated with ongoing construction at the Diamond, although this new teaser video would imply we’ll actually see a completely new area added to the game.

The new and last GTA Online heist was the Diamond Casino Heist, which was introduced into the game is in late 2019. That included setting up a retro arcade business to be a front for the operation itself.

GTA Online is still strong and many many people are still playing it, proving to be a significant ongoing moneymaker for Rockstar. The company is also bringing it to the next-gen consoles, and no revealed anything about the GTA 6 or it’s planning. But when GTA 5 will arrive on the new-gen consoles, PS Plus members will have three months to get free access to the GTA Online that will launch next year. In the meantime, PlayStation players with Plus can get free in-game cash for every month they keep on playing.

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