RTP or Theme – What Is More Important for Gamblers?

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The world of online gambling has expanded considerably in the past couple of years to include more games than ever. These games not only come with interesting features but also exciting themes and fun characters. In this regard, while some games look rather boring, they have a higher probability of letting the player win. And some games are the exact opposite of this. So, let’s say you are at Ice Casinowhat will you consider first? Is it the RTP or the theme? Read on to know more!


The Probabilities Associated with RTP

Online slot machines that different software developers provide tend to operate on separate mechanisms. However, the most important thing is that they are fair and just in their operations. The proper mechanism of a slot machine’s operation is not easy to detect. Thus, it isn’t simple for the online casino to quickly adjust to the system. Furthermore, online casinos that undergo RNG audits do not have the chance to rig a slot machine. Now, in this scenario, how does RTP let the players have the highest winnings?

Return to Player (RTP) refers to the percentage of the returns of the game. It is about the net percentage of the slot machine wagering money, and it gives back to the players in due course of time. It is a good idea to check the RTP and the features of a game before spending any money. Let’s explain this further using an example.

If the mathematical averages are considered, when you place one hundred bets of one dollar on a slot where the rate of returns to the player is 95 percent, you can get at least $95 as the winning amount. This is a general idea because the return to the player and the advantage of the house have to be taken into account in the long term.

But it is necessary to note that the average RTP is typically calculated based on the total number of spins and not each time a slot gets played. Due to this reason, the average RTP is typically calculated and measured between 10,000 slot machines or more, based on the category.


Is RTP Important for a Gambler?

The short answer is that RTP definitely matters to a gambler. When you select a slot that has a higher RTP, your long-term prospects of winning are increased. Furthermore, there is an assurance that you can win so many prizes that the wagering amount is complemented. So, going by the standards of the seasoned gamblers, the best RTP will pay you 95 percent or more. Thus, a game that is below RTP is usually seen to be not good enough. Even low-rollers and newbies do not go for options with low RTPs.


How Important Is the Theme as a Factor?

The theme is also a lucrative aspect that makes the players willing to try their hands at the game. At present, the gambling industry has expanded the themes to touch nearly all topics. So, some seasonal gamblers still get attracted to a specific theme. In fact, players can get so obsessed with particular settings that they remain motivated to keep trying their preferred slots time and again.

As a matter of fact, for the casual players who only want to try slots for a short time, RTPs are not that important. These gamblers will select their favorite slot depending on the gaming aesthetics instead of assessing the most optimal games to try. But RTP still gets critical importance for the ones who gamble frequently.


Different Themes and Their Popularity

Here are the most interesting and popular themes among the online players at present:

Movie and Action Themes

Players love the kind of slot machines that feature their favorite superheroes or movie characters on the screen. At the same time, the designers also make a lot of effort to ensure that the gaming experience is realistic. Some of the popular movie and action themes are:

  • The Avengers
  • X-men
  • Book of the Dead

Jewel Themes

There are so many players who are drawn toward shiny themes. Thus, jewel themes are another set of popular themes. A couple of other themes loved by slot players are European, Arabic, Asian, Italian, Egyptian, mystery, horror, supernatural, quests, fantasy, and fruity. As such, some of the popular ones are:

  • Ruby Slippers
  • Ramses Book
  • Gonzo’s Quest

All in all, selecting between themes or RTP is not the same for all gamblers because a lot of it is based on the ability of the players to play and their interests. The gamblers who are more focused on their long-term goals tend to select games with a high RTP. On the other hand, the players who only gamble for fun or have just started out tend to go for fun themes.

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