RTS Zombie Game: TOO MANY HUMANS Is Released

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French video game studio RealityZ, has released a new real-time strategy game Too Many Humans! The game put players in control of a zombie horde that is trying to get rid of Humans on planet earth, in order to save the planet. The release of this game is part of an episodic story, split into three pieces. The first episode is now released, and the others will be released later next year.

The story of Too Many Humans centers on Phtisis, the brother of the goddess Gaia, who’s been called upon to exterminate humanity. Phtisis is directed to raise an army of living dead to kill all polluting humans before they kill the planet. The game is much like a Tower Defense but in reverse! There are three mechanics at play in the game:

  • Collect Resources: “Forcefully Recruit” new troops by turning humans into zombies and amassing an undead horde!

  • Mutate your zombies: Change your strategy and adapt by making your zombie army more capable and strong!

  • Control the Battlefield: Use real-time tactics to outmaneuver your enemies, sending wave after wave of the undead to dispatch the earth of all polluting humans!

The game is now available on PC from Steam. Check out the trailer below to watch the real-time strategy gameplay.

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