Rugged Giant Color Changing Death Star Mood Light Which Can Be Used As Chair

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Giant Color Changing Death Star Mood Light

Check out Giant Death Star Mood Light that changes color via remote control and you can customize it according to your mood. It is built for both indoor and outdoor use. The durable Star Wars light, which can also be used as a chair or a footstool, is currently available to purchase online.

You know, originally, the Death Star was designed as a really large flashlight. They were planning to use the concave dish composite beam superlaser to illuminate the rebel forces, but they gave the laser just a bit too much juice, and instead of lighting things up, it, well, lit things up.

We’ve named this the “Giant Death Star Indoor/Outdoor Mood Light,” but it can be a lot of other things. You can actually sit on it, if you’re good at balancing and like your butt to glow. It’s a great footstool if you happen to need illumination for your feet. But it’s best as a great subtle light. It has 16 different colors. For a party, you can set it to strobe, flash, or fade from color to color. And it has an internal battery, so you can put it wherever you need a little planetary destruction, even if there isn’t a power socket or the Imperial fleet nearby.

Giant Color Changing Death Star Mood Light Giant Color Changing Death Star Mood Light

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