Rugged Smartphones Created By Motorola and Bullitt

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Motorola and Bullitt

Motorola and Bullitt have revealed some amazing news for the fans who like their phones tough. Both companies will be working together to make rugged smartphones, Bullitt is already producing many rugged smartphones for brands including Cat, Kodak, and Land Rover.

Bullitt has been making all weather and conditions smartphones since 2009 and now they will be working with Motorola on a new range of smartphones.

“This is a unique strategic alliance, as it allows Bullitt to apply its expertise to the Motorola portfolio of products.” says Dave Floyd, Bullitt Co-Founder. “Motorola invented the mobile phone and remains one of the most iconic brands in the world. To be entrusted by Motorola to create a portfolio of Motorola branded rugged phones, bears testament to the exceptional business we have built at Bullitt over the last 11 years.”

“Bullitt has distinguished itself as a leader in rugged mobile. These devices have broad appeal, from outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers to consumers who just want an ultra-durable phone. We look forward to working with Bullitt to ruggedize our products, allowing the Motorola brand to be present in a new and growing segment of Mobile phone users.”  said Dave Carroll, Executive Director Strategic Brand Partnerships at Motorola.

It will awesome to see what these two companies will produce in terms of tough as nails phones.

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