Rumbleverse New Game Modes Unveiled

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Keenan Morales from Iron Galaxy has taken to the official PlayStation blog to reveal new modes that will be available at the Rumbleverse come out on August 11, 2022. The free-to-play, 40-person brawler will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, and the new game modes take the form of Playground and Duos.


Rumbleverse launch

Players will have one week to warm up and practice their favorite super moves before Season One starts on August 18th 2022. The Season One Battle Pass is packed with 100 rewards you’ll unlock by earning Fame and progressing your Rumbler’s career.

“You’re invited to Grapital City, where everyone lives for the fight and dreams of becoming a champion. Create your unique fighter and prepare to be shot out of a cannon, where you and 39 other contestants are launched into the streets of Grapital City to rumble. Dash through streets and scale buildings in search of upgrades, found on every corner and rooftop in the city. Then pick a fight, flex your moves, knock out your opponents, and be the last Rumbler standing. We really enjoyed watching you all strive to be a Solo Mode champion during our playtest sessions. The fun really begins on August 11th, when Duos Mode goes live. Fight side by side with a friend, share loot, protect each other, and win together! “


Rumbleverse Duos Mode

“Duos Mode takes all the moment-to-moment gameplay you know and love from our Solo Brawler Royale experience and twists it into something brand new. Every situation takes on a new set of strategic questions for you and your partner to answer. Want to risk landing on a hotspot like the Trophy Heights Water Tower to get all that loot? If one of you gets thrown off, the other will be left without backup, raising the stakes. Want to move and loot together? If you stay too close, you’ll be collecting and sharing one player’s worth of items. If you separate too much, you may be vulnerable to sneak attacks from aggressive Duos that leave you outnumbered.”


Rumbleverse Playground Mode

“Want to explore the city at your own pace and perfect your moves? Looking for a few lessons on how to play before you launch head-first out of a giant cannon? Check out our free roam experience, Playground Mode. The city will be fully open to explore. Seek out training modules in different neighborhoods to learn gameplay lessons. Spar with the high-tech robots to help you unlock your inner champion. Explore on your own or with a friend. Enjoy Grapital City at your own speed. “

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