RUNE II: Decapitation Edition Revealed Huge Improvements Before Release

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There are many games released in the past few days that aren’t quite good for different reasons. Some games are just quick, cash grabs while others are just great and fun games beneath the layers if you invest some time. Without going into all the crazy legal jargon that you can read in full length here, I want to concentrate on the astounding progress and hard work of love for a talented dev team behind this upcoming game which will be released after a tough semi-launch last Winter.

Dungeons are some of the best part of the game. Daddy loves me some loot runs.

This amazing game is continually being improved, patched, and bugs being fixed. With tons of changes, too many to post all here, let’s just say the voice acting additions, battle improvements, more questlines, and Action RPG feel, for the most part, work beautifully! The biggest astonishment was the dungeon runs which were not only beautiful but a riot to hunt down. Killing baddies with swords, hammers, axes, and the newly created skills trees just seemed right and very satisfying.

Say Hello to my Littl’ Friend!

If you choose a God and their respective powers are a part of the game that has a huge impact on how your characters play and something I am still working on and try to understand. If you want to concentrate more on healing, quick rogue-like action, or just a tank, the options are numerous and I doubt any two-character make will be the same.

It’s almost like a completely different game for the better. Check out the trailer below and head to the Steam store page for more. The game will be released on November 13, 2020.


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