RUNESCAPE Players Can Now Enjoy A New Woodcutting Training Area

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Jagex, the developer of the popular MMORPG title RuneScape, has recently introduced an exciting addition to their game. This latest update presents players with a brand-new area called the Woodcutter’s Grove, designed specifically to enhance the woodcutting skill and offer a fresh and enjoyable experience.

With its incorporation into the Fort Forinthry storyline, the Woodcutter’s Grove introduces a plethora of woodcutting perks, a new training area dedicated to this relaxing skill, and even a highly coveted best-in-slot hatchet. Players now have the opportunity to explore this arboreal paradise, which caters to both seasoned woodcutters and aspiring arborists. The Grove boasts a diverse collection of trees, providing a wide range of options for players to test their woodcutting prowess.

One notable highlight of this update is the unlocking of the most convenient Elder Tree location in the entire game. This highly sought-after resource makes the arduous journey from level 1 to 99 woodcutting a significantly less daunting task. As an added bonus, players can strive to obtain the coveted Tier 80 Imcando Hatchet, which stands as the pinnacle of woodcutting tools. By embarking on woodcutting ventures and collecting four fragments of these legendary hatchets, players can combine them with the Dragon Hatchet to create this incredibly powerful new skilling item.

However, it’s important to note that accessing Woodcutter’s Grove requires certain prerequisites. Players must have completed quests such as New Foundations, Murder on the Border, and Unwelcome Guests to Tier 1, in addition to having a Slayer level of 10 and Construction level of 50.

This exciting new update is now available on all platforms, ensuring that players can embark on their woodcutting adventures regardless of whether they prefer playing on PC, Steam, iOS, or Android. RuneScape provides the convenience of cross-platform progression and play, allowing gamers to seamlessly transition between their PC and mobile devices while enjoying the game’s immersive world and engaging activities.

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