If You Are Running A Pirated Quantum Break Than You Are In For A Surprise

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Quantum Break released this week with a bang on Xbox One and PC, it’s now been reported that people who pirate the game will receive a unique form of punishment.

Reddit user disaster explains that if the game thinks you may be running a pirated copy, it gives the main character Jack Joyce an eye patch.


In a FAQ about the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break, developer Remedy teased this form of pirate punishment. “Jack looks like a pirate–DRMmight’ve accidentally triggered.” To avoid this issue, make sure you’re logged into your Microsoft account before starting the game, Remedy explained.

Pirated Quantum Break

As Eurogamer explains, Remedy did the same thing with its last big game, Alan Wake.

Quantum Break is stuffed with impressive battle and excellent looks are hindered by a story with limited appeal and disappointing design choices.

Check out the Quantum Break cinematic trailer Here!


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