Saber Forge’s Rapier Lightsaber – An Awesome Weapon for a More Civilized Age

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 Rapier Lightsaber

Saber Forge is a Lightsaber maker that has been making awesome custom lightsabers for Star Wars fans. You can find all kinds of models on their website along with some custom made including this awesome rapier lightsaber.

The SaberForge Rapier is a tribute to 17th and 18th century swords of the same name. It has an elaborate wrapped basket guard with inverted quillions made from welded steel with a chrome finish. The grip features a flared palm swell with recessed switches and low profile milled grooves for traction. The pear shaped pommel is finished in chrome to match the guard. This is by far our most civilized saber, designed for the discerning fencer who knows perfection lies at the intersection of aesthetics and ergonomics.

This rapier lightsaber costs $199.


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