SAINTS ROW Brings the Hype With The Official Gameplay Trailer

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Volition and Deep Silver are coming closer to the release of one of their most anticipated games this year, Saints Row. This reboot aims to ground the story and drive it away from the fantasy setting the new games have dipped into while also delivering hilarious moments and outrageous themes. Check out the official in-depth look at the gameplay for a crash course on what to expect from the game’s open world, Santo Ileso.

Players take on the role of The Boss, trying to overtake the city with organized crime and build your Saints empire. There are a whole lot of customization options available, everything from the way you look, custom cars, and various voice actors to narrate the story of your adventure. The main protagonist is not a silent one, so players can expect complete dialogue from the voice they feel is the best fit for their character. This is a nice touch of customization that you do not see too frequently in games today, so props to Volition for giving the players this added option

This is an open-world, third-person shooter that does not take itself seriously. Saints Row gives players more creative freedom than most open-world games available to date. It is easy to want to compare this game to some other major titles out there, but Saints Row is really settling in a league of its own and relishing in the hilarious tropes. Gangster simulators and hyper-realistic ballistic systems are significant. But, sometimes you just want to have fun, and Saints Row is seeking to do just that.

Saints Row is coming out on August 23rd for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC via Epic Games Store.


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