SAINTS ROW’S Story Trailer Revealed Tanks And Hoverboards

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Making a criminal empire has never looked so engaging! Volition is bringing all things awesome with the release of Saints Row on August 23rd and they are sharing story details in the latest trailer. Players will start from the bottom and work their way up to the top of the organized crime ladder.

Saints Row has always been about over-the-top themes and silly scenarios, making it one of the best open-world franchises for unadulterated fun. The series had slowly floated away from its grounded organized crime themes and dropped its toes into sci-fi territory. Although those entries still had impressive moments, the reception was not positive with long-time fans. It seems like this latest game is coming back to its roots and keeping it grounded.

Players will be able to create the exact Boss they want to play, with very impressive customization options that rival some of the best RPGs to date. It’s for sure that Volition is going for complete freedom with this game and giving the player complete control over their game.

Saints Row comes out on Aug 23rd for PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games Store.

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