Samsung Developed a Tiny 2TB Portable SSD

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Samsung Developed a Tiny 2TB Portable SSD

Samsung has just announced a new portable SSD called the SSD T3, which offers up to 2TB of storage space in a tiny, lightweight package. The T3 measures 74 x 58 x 10.5mm and weighs just 51 grams (business card size). Compare that to a 2TB Western Digital My Passport drive, which measures 109 x 82 x 20mm and weighs 227 grams.

The carrying advantage is clear. Samsung also claims the drive is shock resistant up to 1500G, which means you can drop it 2 meters on to a hard surface and you won’t loose your data. Which is a big relief.

Transfer speeds of 450MBps and a USB 3.1 interface, as well as built-in AES 256-bit encryption, and you have a highly desirable portable drive. However, the SSD price premium still applies and will make the T3 far more expensive than the equivalent portable hard drive.

Pricing has yet to be revealed.


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