Samsung Foldable Smartphone With Infinity Flex Display Release Date Revealed

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Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Samsung showed off its new Infinity Flex display and its Samsung Foldable smartphone at their Developer Conference last week.

Samsung revealed that their new foldable smartphone would be launching 2019, According to a recent report the Samsung Foldable Smartphone may launch in March 2019, this date has not yet confirmed by Samsung.

Previous rumors have hinted that their new folding handset would be made official at Mobile World Congress 2019 in February of next year. If Samsung does decide to launch the handset in March, then unveiling the device at Mobile World Congress would make sense.

Samsung has not revealed specifications about the handset, we should have some details on those closer to launch. From what we have seen so far it looks like a very impressive device.

We do know information about the display now, the handset will come with a 7.3-inch display that has an FHD+ resolution of 2152 x 1536 pixels and 420 PPI. There is also a secondary display which measures 4.6 inches and has a 1960 x 840-pixel resolution.


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