Samsung Galaxy Fold Keeps Breaking and It’s Not Even Funny!

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Samsung Galaxy Fold

Do you want a phone that can fold? It is like shoving two phones together with an apparently nifty hinge always just felt like a grift to just sell one phone for double the price. Give me a nice small screen and a headphone jack and I’m a happy boy.

But even if you’ve bought into the tech hype that foldable phones are the way of the future, you may want to hold back on spending $2,000 on the most high-profile example of this trend the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Tech journalists this week got their review units for the upcoming device and right now it’s looking pretty fragile.

Even more problematic is that there are apparently many causes of this problem. The most common issue is reviewers accidentally a protective film that appears to be an optional screen protector but is actually greatly vital. So be cautious about that if you still want to pick this up. But at The Verge their screen broke after a piece of debris somehow wedged itself in the hinge and basically cut the unfolded screen down the middle. So the solution is to essentially treat the Samsung Galaxy Fold like a sick child, not an expensive piece of tech.

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