Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

ASamsung Galaxy Gear which was just announced at IFA 2013 earlier yesterday. In fact, the smartwatch might be the new trend when it comes to portable devices – remember how the tablet exploded overnight with the introduction of the Apple iPad, creating a new niche market? Perhaps the smartwatch might be the next “tablet”, so to speak, and here we are with more details about the Samsung Galaxy Gear that is set to arrive in store shelves from September 25th onwards.

If you already own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, then you would definitely want to check your bank balance as to whether there is enough left behind to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Gear when it arrives (which has touted a 199 Euro price tag so far). The Samsung Galaxy Gear will let you remain connected to your existing Samsung Galaxy devices, where it notifies you of incoming messages, including calls, texts, emails and alerts, while serving up a preview of those messages in addition to creating the opportunity for users to accept or discreetly ignore those messages.


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