Samsung Galaxy Released a Trailer Which Teases Five New Devices

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Samsung Galaxy

Samsung’s new upcoming hardware event, Galaxy Unpacked, is approved for August 5th, and a new trailer from the company suggests we can anticipate seeing five hardware gadgets revealed on the day.

The silhouettes of all five are shown at the start and end of the trailer below. And judging by the shapes and the leaks, this is what we’re expecting to see at the event: the new Galaxy Note 20; Galaxy Fold 2; the Galaxy Watch 3; the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Plus; and the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus tablets.

Every gadget on that list has been leaked already, but, as always, such leaks are provisional, and we’ll be interested to see what actually gets unveiled at the event. There’s also the outside chance that Samsung has kept some information to itself and that there’ll be news to see at the event.

The Galaxy Unpacked event will be streaming on Wednesday, August 5th, at 10 AM ET.


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