Samsung Galaxy Ring Mass Production Could Start Soon

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Samsung Galaxy Ring

Rumors of Samsung entering the smart ring market to compete with popular products like Oura have been circulating since last year. Some even speculated that there might be a teaser for the smart ring during Samsung’s recent Galaxy Unpacked event, where they unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5, but that didn’t materialize.

However, a recent report from Korean publication The Elec indicates that Samsung is nearing a decision on whether to proceed with mass production of their smart ring. Apparently, they have conducted tests on a prototype, and a preliminary development review is scheduled to be presented to Samsung’s mobile chief TM Roh next month. If approved, the actual product development can commence.

But before you get too excited, it’s essential to manage expectations. The product development phase could potentially take seven to eight months, pushing the release date to around March or April 2024. If the smart ring includes health-related functions similar to those found in the Galaxy Watch, obtaining medical device certification might be necessary, adding a further delay. In such a case, the release date could be pushed to January or February 2025, according to an industry official.

Samsung’s focus on health features in wearables, such as blood pressure monitoring and AFib detection, suggests that they might aim for medical device certification. While it’s possible for Samsung to opt for a basic wellness device not requiring this certification, it seems less likely given the company’s pursuit of advanced health capabilities.

One of the main advantages of a smart ring over a smartwatch is its subtlety. Unlike a watch with a visible screen, a smart ring could hide its tech in plain sight, resembling a regular ring. Additionally, the absence of a screen allows for significantly longer battery life, measured in days rather than hours, making it more convenient for users to wear and forget about it.

However, developing a successful smart ring is not without challenges. Samsung would need to address issues like the fitting process, which was mentioned as a pain point in the review of a similar product, the Oura Ring Generation 3.

Ultimately, while the concept of a Galaxy Ring from Samsung holds promise with its potential health monitoring capabilities and subtle design, it remains a theoretical venture until the company decides to proceed with mass production. So, for those eagerly anticipating its arrival, patience might be required until Samsung makes an official announcement.

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