Samsung Galaxy S10 Display Sizes Officially Revealed

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Galaxy S10

There will be four different models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2019, one of them will be a 5G version of the handset, which will be released before any 5G iPhone model.

Now we have some new information on the display sizes for the handsets, the Galaxy S10 Lite will come with a 5.8 inch display.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will come with a 6.1 inch display and the larger Galaxy S10 Plus will have a 6.4 inch display. It is not sure as yet on what size display the 5G Galaxy S10 will come with, we think it will either be 6.1 inches or 6.4 inches.

This version of the phone will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Samsung will also launch versions of the gadget with their own Exynos 9820 processor. We also know that the gadget will come with an in display fingerprint sensor from Qualcomm.

We are hoping to see the new Galaxy S10 smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2019 in February and the smartphone is expected to go on sale sometime in March. The design of the handsets is expected to be different to the existing Galaxy S9 handsets.

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