Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Drop Test

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Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 Android phones launched recently, the top model is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and now we get to see how the new phone holds up when dropped.

The video shows the new Galaxy S22 Ultra in a range of drop tests, the new phone is dropped at normal heights that you may drop the device at.

As we can see from the video there was damage to the rear cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in the first drop test, plus some cracks on the bottom of the back glass.

In the second drop test, there is damage to the bottom of the frame, but not to the glass, in the third test when the handset is dropped on the side the screen breaks on the side where it hit the concrete. The display on the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with Gorilla Glass Victus Plus.

It is always better to plaster the phone with protective film before dropping it of on a hard surface.

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