Samsung Introduced 360 Speakers And Curved Soundbars

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Samsung Introduced 360 Speakers And Curved Soundbars

Samsung has unveiled several new audio products that will be on show at CES 2015, next week in Las Vegas. The display will feature a number of new Curved Soundbars by the company to complement their various sizes of curved TV, as well as a pair of speakers claimed to provide 360 degree audio.

Curved Soundbar was introduced back in September, 2014 at IFA by Samsung. It was capable of pairing with the 55-inch and 65-inch curved TVs. Now the company plans to expand the range with their 8500, 6500 and 6000 series models, hence providing matching audio solutions for 45 to 78 inch curved Samsung TV models.

Samsung Introduced 360 Speakers And Curved Soundbars

The 8500 series model star of the group is offering 9.1 channel speakers – something the company believes will enhance the user’s surround sound experience like never before while paired with a curved TV and Curved Soundbar.

A more interesting announcement by the company is perhaps their new pair of speakers, also known as the WAM 7500 and WAM 6500. Unlike the projection in one direction in the conventional speaker system, this new series projects audio in every direction using the company’s “Ring Radiator” technology.

As of now, the only released information is about the sound and company’s promise of “a perfect balance between treble and bass”, however, more information is yet to come. The product will be available in Stand (WAM 7500) and Moveable (WAM 6500) versions. The latter device will feature a built-in battery for a more portable experience.

Samsung Introduced 360 Speakers And Curved Soundbars

No word has been received on pricing and availability of the new products as of yet. More details are expected on the CES 2015, which will be held on this week.


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