Samsung Is Bringing Cutting Edge Technology To The Wireless Speaker Game

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Samsung Wireless Speaker

Samsung has developed a proprietary audio upscaling technology, which it is calling Ultra-high Quality Sound, or UHQ. It’s supposed to take 8-bit to 24-bit audio signals and convert them up to 32-bit for “delivering sound that brings each note to life with incredible clarity.” Not to be a downer, but digital upscaling — which is done by filling the gaps of information with a best guess — has been done a whole bunch of times both with video and audio, and the results have tended to be underwhelming.

Samsung Wireless Speaker

Samsung is giving the world its first opportunity to experience UHQ sound at CES with the new H7 Wireless Speaker. It’s like an old school hi-fi that’s all speaker, but it’s also got a very minimal, refined look that’s frankly still a little unusual among Samsung’s home products. The company itself acknowledges that its 2017 devices “reflect a total paradigm shift for both the company and the industry [with] sleek, simplistic designs.”

One fascinating addition of what could be very clever engineering is a feature Samsung calls Distortion Cancelling. This is an algorithm that “can intelligently predict a woofer’s movement, control it, and play more solid and stable sound at low pitch.” Especially useful for reining in imprecise subwoofer vibrations, it should deliver a more composed and effective bass punch. It sounds like Samsung’s being practical about the limitations of its speaker technology and figuring out software solutions to working around them.


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