Samsung Note 7 Replacements Are Over Heating Now!

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Samsung Note 7

The massive Galaxy Note 7 smartphone exploding issue, which saw Samsung recall some 2.5 million of its flagship handsets.

The Wall Street Journal reports that some customers who have received replacement devices over the past week are complaining that the phones overheat and quickly lose battery power even while being charged!

Samsung has to learn it’s lesson and fix the damn thing for good and not rushing into release of new sets every month.

Samsung didn’t confirm how many cases have been reported to the company, or if it’s received complaints from users in other countries. It told WSJ on Friday that the issue is “completely unrelated to batteries,” and said that the incidents were “isolated cases” related to mass production issues. It added that it was conducting “close examinations” of the issue.

So if you are planning of buying Note 7, I say wait for Note 8.

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