Samsung Revealed 32Gb DDR5 DRAM, Paves Path For Up To 128 GB Memory Modules

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#Samsung has recently unveiled a groundbreaking development in the world of computer memory technology. They have introduced the industry’s first 32-gigabit (Gb) #DDR5 DRAM, utilizing cutting-edge 12-nanometer (nm)-class process technology. This milestone achievement follows Samsung’s earlier commencement of mass production of their 12nm-class 16Gb DDR5 DRAM in May 2023. This technological leap not only solidifies Samsung’s leadership in the realm of next-generation DRAM technology but also ushers in a new era of high-capacity memory solutions.

The significance of this advancement cannot be understated. With their 12nm-class 32Gb DRAM, Samsung has paved the way for the development of DRAM modules with staggering capacities of up to 1 terabyte (TB). This tremendous leap in memory capacity positions Samsung ideally to meet the surging demand for high-capacity DRAM, especially in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics.

SangJoon Hwang, Executive Vice President of DRAM Product & Technology at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the importance of this achievement, stating, “With our 12nm-class 32Gb DRAM, we have secured a solution that will enable DRAM modules of up to 1-terabyte (TB), allowing us to be ideally positioned to serve the growing need for high-capacity DRAM in the era of AI and big data. We will continue to develop DRAM solutions through differentiated process and design technologies to break the boundaries of memory technology.”

This accomplishment is a testament to Samsung’s remarkable progress in the field of memory technology since they first developed a 64-kilobit (Kb) DRAM in 1983. Over the past four decades, they have increased DRAM capacity by an astounding 500,000-fold.

What sets Samsung’s latest memory product apart is its integration density and design optimization. It boasts the industry’s highest capacity for a single DRAM chip, effectively doubling the capacity of 16Gb DDR5 DRAM within the same package size.

One noteworthy aspect of this innovation is its impact on power efficiency. In the past, DDR5 128GB DRAM modules manufactured using 16Gb DRAM required the Through Silicon Via (TSV) process. However, Samsung’s 32Gb DRAM eliminates the need for the TSV process while simultaneously reducing power consumption by approximately 10% compared to 128GB modules with 16Gb DRAM. This technological leap makes Samsung’s product an ideal choice for enterprises, particularly data centers, that prioritize power efficiency.

Samsung doesn’t plan to stop here. Building upon the foundation of their 12nm-class 32Gb DDR5 DRAM, they have ambitious plans to expand their lineup of high-capacity DRAM to cater to the evolving demands of the computing and IT industry. This will include supplying the 12-nm-class 32Gb DRAM to data centers and customers requiring high-performance applications such as AI and next-generation computing. Samsung’s latest memory innovation will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in their ongoing collaborations with other key players in the industry, reaffirming their leadership in the next-generation DRAM market.

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