Samsung’s 2023 Smart Monitors Are Really Smart

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Samsung’s 2023 Smart Monitors

Samsung has recently unveiled the pricing and release details for its latest lineup of “smart monitors” in the United States. These computer displays not only serve as conventional monitors but also come with smart TV functionality. With a range of features, including HDMI and USB ports for connecting peripherals, built-in video streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube, AirPlay support, and Samsung’s Gaming Hub with access to cloud gaming services from Xbox and Nvidia (available in select countries), these smart monitors offer a versatile and immersive user experience.

Starting at the lower end of the range is the Samsung M5 (technically known as the M50C), which boasts a 1080p resolution. The 27-inch model is priced at $279.99, while the 32-inch version is available for $299.99. Moving up the ladder, we have the 4K M7 (M70C) with its stunning picture quality. The 27-inch variant of the M7 is priced at $549.99, while the 32-inch variant is available for $599.99. Finally, we have the M8 (M80C), also offering 4K resolution, which sits at the top of the range. The 27-inch M8 model is priced at $649.99, while the 32-inch variant comes in at $699.99.

Samsung’s smart monitors are set to hit the shelves in the US market starting in June, as indicated by the company’s press release. Notably, the Smart Monitor M80C was originally announced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Whether you’re looking for a high-resolution display for work, streaming your favorite content, or indulging in gaming sessions, these smart monitors from Samsung aim to cater to your diverse needs and provide a seamless and feature-rich user experience.

Samsung’s 2023 Smart Monitors

Samsung has been offering a combination of monitor and TV functionality since 2020, and this year they have introduced a new feature called “My Contents.” This feature displays a personalized “welcome screen” on the monitor when it detects your smartphone nearby. The welcome screen includes photos, calendar entries, and weather information, similar to what you would find on smart displays from Amazon or Google, although it lacks a touchscreen interface.

In terms of specifications, the new monitors are comparable to previous models. All three models come with built-in speakers, a 60Hz refresh rate, and remote controls included in the package. However, the M8 model stands out as the most feature-rich option. It offers 4K resolution with HDR10 Plus support, a peak brightness of 400 nits, and even comes with a webcam for video calls. Additionally, it has a built-in SmartThings Hub, allowing you to control compatible smart home devices. The M8 is available in white, pink, blue, or green colors, giving you some aesthetic choices.

The M7 model is a step down in terms of features. It offers a peak brightness of 300 nits, HDR10 support (not HDR10 Plus), and does not include a SmartThings Hub or webcam. However, it still supports voice assistants such as Alexa, and it comes with a height-adjustable stand that can pivot and tilt. The M7 also features a 65W USB-C port alongside an HDMI 2.0 port and two USB-A ports.

On the lower end, the M5 model only offers 1080p resolution with a peak brightness of 250 nits. It lacks USB-C connectivity but provides an extra HDMI port instead. Additionally, it does not come with support for voice assistants.

As with previous years, Samsung’s 2023 smart monitors aim to be versatile, but they may not excel in any particular aspect. With their 60Hz refresh rates, they may not meet the demands of serious gamers seeking premium gaming monitors. Moreover, their smaller sizes and limited selection of ports might deter some TV buyers. However, if you have limited space and require a single screen that can fulfill various functions, Samsung’s smart monitors offer a range of features to meet your needs.

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