Samsung’s Test Lab Testing Note 7s

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Samsung’s Test Lab

Samsung has been testing vigorously their Galaxy Note 7 for all the drama and havoc created by the flagship phone. This situation is quite evident from the video of their testing lab. They should do this before sending their dynamites into the real world.

Samsung officially wrapped up the investigations after it released the reasons behind the Note 7 flaws. They blamed the placement of batteries of two different suppliers for the device’s explosions and claimed that the conclusions are being made after rigorous testing.

Samsung’s Test Lab

These images showing an elaborate and complex testing system installed by the Samsung for pushing the phones to their last limits. While the photos are not high-resolution ones, the scene of hundreds of phones being charged, discharged, put under water, drilled with holes and undergoing all sort of other hard and vigorous testing procedures.

Samsung’s Test Lab

You can see a small fire extinguisher placed beside the charging phones in the photo above, waiting for one of these phones to burst.

Samsung announced yesterday that their phones will now come with an 8-point battery safety check, along with rigorous durability and visual inspections, charge-recharge tests, a disassembling test, and even an X-ray of each and every phone before they leave the factory. So I am hoping new Samsung Note 8 will be more safe and you can even giving it to kids without the fire extinguisher.


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