SAP Implementation Companies Can Help Avoid Failures

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SAP Implementation Companies – Essential for Smooth Transformation 

SAP implementation is the introduction of the SAP ERP enterprise resource planning application suite in an organization. SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products and it is also the name of the German company which came up with this solution back in the 70s. The latest version of SAP software is SAP R/3.

Although it might sound trivial, SAP implementation is a truly significant undertaking for any company. It may take years and it will involve every single person within the organization, from the technical support department to the end-users of the solution.

This article takes a closer look at:

  • The dangers and risks of SAP implementation.
  • Notable failures and lessons to be learned from them.
  • How SAP implementation companies can help.
  • Tips for smooth implementation.


SAP Implementation Can Be Disastrous 

Organizations that embark on SAP implementation without the aid of SAP implementation companies assume significant risks. The introduction of the software suite may have disastrous repercussions when done haphazardly. A lot is at stake here. And many factors impact the success of the implementation.

  • The backdrop against which the implementation happens is of the essence. Ongoing/troubled integration efforts can throw a wrench in the process.
  • The risks that SAP implementation entails should be well understood. Above and beyond that, they should also be properly mitigated.
  • Implementation must be accompanied by proper design and effective controls.
  • SAP implementation cannot result in a negative return on investment. Such an outcome is a sign of failure.


Major Companies Have Failed with SAP Implementation

It is not difficult to get SAP implementation wrong. Companies like Lidl, Hertz, Revlon, and Haribo have all failed on this front. Fortunately, their failures resulted in case studies that provide valuable lessons for those looking to embark on the journey.

Above and beyond that, the negative examples set by these companies have highlighted the need for the involvement of SAP implementation companies.


How Can SAP Implementation Companies Help?

The most prominent issue with the implementation of solutions like SAP R/3 is that organizations underestimate the risks entailed by this type of digital transformation. In many cases, they fail to even acknowledge the existence of these risks.

  • An SAP implementation company will quantify these risks. It will also draw up mitigation strategies.
  • It will analyze the underlying operational issues. It will thus spot potentially disastrous problems before implementation commences.
  • It will make sure that the proper business blueprints and a solid foundation exist before the transformation begins.
  • With the help of professionals, SAP implementation failures can be avoided.


Some Tips for Smooth Implementation 

The organization looking to implement SAP should:

  • Be very clear why it needs transformation.
  • Understand the SAP landscape as well as its SAP implementation strategy.
  • Add operational SAP support capability.
  • Establish partnerships with the right implementation companies.
  • Define the future processes of the organization from the outset.

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