Sci-Fi Game RELICTA Releases Two Free DLC’s

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One of the most awesome puzzle games to release in 2020 has made its way onto the Nintendo Switch. Mighty Polygon and Ravenscourt aren’t just releasing Relicta onto Nintendo. Their news comes with bonus updates, such as the coming of the Xbox Series update for Xbox One users to take advantage of for greater visual and performance features.

They are also releasing two free DLC’s for all platforms! If you end up owning this game for the Nintendo Switch, they will be pre-packed, but all other platforms can just download this new content and expand their game. The new DLC’s are called Aegir Gig and Ice Queen.

You will be playing as Nic in Aegir Gig, a bioengineer tasked with examining the gravitomagnetic interfaces in the environments he helped plan for AEGIR Labs years before the events of the main game, with 12 new and even more complex puzzles to solve as you encounter the Chandra Base in a whole new way.

Ice Queen is based on events in the main story as you play as one of the survivors of Chandra Base after the end of Relicta. Alone in the depths of the moon, you find a new biome with 12 extra puzzles that will challenge you in different ways by using two new mechanics, coupled with your toolset from the main game, to leave and find out more about what occurred in the derelict lunar base.

These updates will increase or perhaps bring back, replayability to this awesome game. It’s always pleasant to see developers show love to their players with free content, especially when the game was well made in the first place!

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