Sci-Fi Survival Shooter DYSTERRA Out On Steam Early Access

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Korean developer Reality MagiQ has revealed the new trailer for the upcoming title, the futuristic survival shooter Dysterra. The game has entered Steam Early Access, with gameplay still in development, but regular updates are promised in the lead-up to a complete release.

Published by Kakao Games, Dysterra takes place on a devastated earth, sometime in the far future. With mutant beasts everywhere, resources are low and survival is a fragile balance of risk and reward. Players will be able to join with friends or venture out on their own to explore the now-desolate planet.

The sci-fi aspects of the game promise to cut down on dull tasks that might be associated with survival and construction games. Runs will start with a firearm ready to use instantly, and players will be provided with a mechanical arm that will make gathering resources faster and easier than it might be in similar titles.

Finding food, building bases, and fending off enemy players will create a large part of the gameplay, but the developers appear to be trying to create a survival game with a low barrier of access that can appeal to new gamers to the genre.

Dysterra is available now for PC via Steam Early Access.

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