The Scout Hunting Slingshot

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Scout Hunting Slingshot

The Scout slingshot is the most popular modern adult slingshot on the market today with tens of thousands of happy shooter’s blasting cans and keeping critters at bay around the world.  The Scout is made from industry leading materials and sports the ever so simple to use ‘FlipClip’ band attachment system.  Never has it been so easy to change the bands on your slingshot.

Whether you choose to hold it in a hammergrip fashion, pinch grip, or fork supporte hold…the Scout fits just about anyone.  The Scout can be shot with the bands in multiple orientations for individualized aiming preference and is capable of being fitted with any elastic on the market.  However, The Scout comes standard with SimpleShot’s proprietary latex blend specially formulated just for the demands of modern slingshot shooting.  The Scout can take you as far as you would ever care to go in the world of modern adult slingshots!

*Not to be used from the back of the class.

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