Scrubba is The Portable Washing Machine

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Scrubba wash bag is an innovative portable washing machine that weighs just 70g. The eco-friendly Scrubba wash bag MINI has this week launched via Kickstarter is now available to back with early bird pledges available from £19 roughly AU$35.

Shipping to the world over is expected to start in August 2019. Watch the demo video below to learn more about the lightest and most compact washing machine for “socks and jocks”.

how to use

“To clean socks and jocks anywhere, you simply add water and cleaning liquid, close the bag, remove air through the twist valve and rub the clothes against the washboard for as little as 30 seconds (3 minutes provides a machine quality wash). Then just rinse in the bag and hang to dry.”

“In 2012, we launched the original Scrubba wash bag (the world’s smallest washing machine) which has provided a convenient way for over 140,000 travelers and campers to pack less and clean their clothes anywhere in just minutes. Over the years we have had requests from our supporters to create a bigger bag to allow more items to be washed but also a smaller, lighter bag. A couple of years ago we launched the Scrubba stealth pack, which was 50% larger than the original Scrubba wash bag (and doubled as a weatherproof backpack).”


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