SEA HORIZON Available Now!

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Indie developer 45 Studio and publisher Softstar Entertainment just released the complete version of their new game Sea Horizon. The game is a turn-based roguelike card game comparable to a combination of Darkest Dungeon and Slay the Spire. Players will choose between a combination of various characters and modes, including the new characters Paladin, Elf Ranger, and Elementalist.

Similar in theme and battle mechanics to Dungeons and Dragons, players will use dice as a means of combat and the dice on gear will determine what resources are available for the turn. Dice multipliers will be randomly rolled as the player explores the ocean to affect loot drops and rarities. In addition to the new characters, the full release comes with a new chapter for the story and multiplayer adventure modes. The new chapter will feature the Land of Extreme Cold, where the new story will revolve around the new characters previously mentioned.

The soundtrack is designed by three different members of the industry and comes with more than eleven designated touching melodies.

The complete release of Sea Horizon is currently available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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