Sea of Thieves Reveal Trailer Features Kraken!

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Sea of Thieves

It is the most anticipated multiplayer game right now, Sea of Thieves launch date is coming closer, it will be out on March 20th, 2018, Microsoft and developer Rare has released the final launch trailer for the game, in the trailer they gave us a glimpse at the mighty Kraken, to whet your appetite and shiver-your-timbers. Check the mythical monster in the trailer below.

Sea of Thieves is a multilayer pirate action-adventure game which you will play from a first-person perspective and features unique cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One consoles. It is built with the mighty and the notorious Unreal Engine 4, which is a quite powerful gaming engine, Check out more details about the Unreal Engine 4 here.

Within the game, players take on quests to accumulate loot and fight in combat with other players. Clans or team of players can travel together and search the open world on pirate ships affecting different roles such as skipper, crew, navigator, weapons and more. Sea of Thieves is a shared game world, which means teams of players will confront each other constantly throughout their exploits, battling it out for the games lost treasures. Microsoft has already announced details of a real-life treasure hidden within Sea of Thieves in the form of “Golden Bananas”.


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