Seagate 14TB Helium Exos X14 Enterprise Hard Drive is Here

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Seagate unveiled the new 14TB Helium-Based Exos X14 Enterprise hard drive which is, for now, is being tested by select customers and will be releasing the beast during the summer of 2018. The Seagate Exos X14 storage drive has been made to provide users with high performance and much bigger capacity for hyperscale data centers looking to “efficiently and cost-effectively manage increasing amounts of data”.

The Exos X14 offers the industry’s lowest power consumption, smallest footprint, and best performance in its class. Sai Varanasi, vice president, product line marketing, storage devices at Seagate explains more:

“Our hyperscale customers want the best value in terms of total cost of ownership and that is mainly driven by capacity, power efficiency, enhanced caching, and predictable I/O”. ”Exos X14 shines on all four fronts by delivering 14TB with leading sustained transfer rates and random I/O responsiveness optimized for hyperscale applications.”

The prominent features of 14TB Helium-Based Exos X14 Enterprise HD include 40% more petabytes per rack versus Exos 10TB drives and a 10 percent weight reduction compared to air nearline drives. There is no release date or the pricing of the drive made public, for more information head to Seagate website by clicking the link below.


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