SECOND EXTINCTION’s Pre-Season 6 is The Most Significant Update Yet

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Since the game went into early access on Steam last year, Systemic Reaction has been making major updates to Second Extinction through many pre-season updates. With the game also out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as well, cross-play was one of the big moves they aimed for and now it’s available in Pre-Season 6! This video game has been giving players some solid first impressions all around and the developers continue to update the game as it proceeds to grow towards a completed game. This pre-season might be the ideal time for you and your crew to participate in the action.

In all, Pre-Season 6: Research and Destroy brings some amazing and awesome updates to the game. The game now features cross-play between PC and Xbox players, they’ve added in-game voice chats and matchmaking lobbies, now comes with new wardrobe functions to allow players the freedom to try out the gear before it is even unlocked, added the new playable character Sunetra, a biology researcher who kills dinos with science, added in a horde mode called “Emergency Landing,” and released a new set of seasonal contracts and rewards. That really is a lot to unpack for one massive update!

Pre-Season 6 is now available and the trailer they released with it clearly shows off the insane side of this game. If you think you are ready to run with a three-man squad to accomplish missions and take out mutated dinosaurs, are you ready?

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