Second Life is being built from the ground up for the new generation!

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Second Life is being built from the ground up for the new generation

The virtual world, Second Life celebrated its 11th birthday last Friday. To the average person, Second Life is that thing they signed up for years ago, walked around for 10 minutes and never returned to again. But, the virtual world’s marketplace has been a boon for creators and now the company behind Second Life, Linden Lab, is building a new world from scratch.

Even the company’s new CEO Ebbe Altberg understands that in its current form, Second Life is a niche product. But, with 11 years of running a profitable business under its belt, Linden Lab believes it can create a new world that appeals to a wider audience. “It’s a massive project to do a new virtual world.  To start from the ground up we’re hiring 40-50 more people,” Altberg told TNW.

The new version of Second Life is still a ways off though. A beta is expected to be launched in 2015 with the final version expected in 2016. In the meantime, Linden Lab has already told its users that a new version is coming.

The current incarnation of Second Life is powered by its “creators.” Users that build, design, and sell virtual items. There are even land barons that rent “land” from Linden Lab, sub-divide the land and add their own features to the property. It’s a giant marketplace where anyone can make whatever they want with the in-service tools. Linden Lab wants to make those tools better. Read More at TNW


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