Securing Your Property with Driveway Alarms

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Driveway Alarms

Sensors in doorways and rooms have essentially become a standard feature in most modern homes. They’re a significant step forward in keeping our property safe and secure. That said, being able to detect a threat before they attempt to enter is an even better option. A common point of entry is garage doors, as they’re often left open by their owners.

This is where driveway alarms come in handy. Available in a variety of configurations, these affordable security systems will notify your phone or a receiver when a person or vehicle is in the range of the sensor. In this post, we’ll look at the best wireless driveway alarms money can buy.

Why a Wireless Alarm?

Wireless alarms will save you time and money as they’re easy to install and come in at a variety of price points. Many of the recommended wireless alarm systems featured on this list can be found on 1800 Doorbell, where you can pick them up at a competitive price.

Rodann Electronics Driveway Alarm System

For the budget consumer, few systems are as affordable as a Rodann. The package comprises of two simple components: a wireless sensor and a receiver. The latter unit features an LED indicator that keeps count of the number of times it’s been triggered and will make a sound when the sensor detects movement.

Considering the price, the Rodann is fairly basic in terms of design but is known to be reliable in the long run. That said, it pays to consider the other options available at this price point.

Chamberlain Wireless Driveway Alarm

While the base package here only includes a single sensor, up to four additional units can be purchased for each receiver. The receiver itself sets off a bright light, along with sound when movement is detected. It’s also battery-powered, making it portable and eliminating the need for installation.

The sensors feature a reasonable range of 30 feet and can detect motion at an impressive speed. The Chamberlain system comes in at a competitive price and offers considerable reliability, making it a great budget option.

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

Hailed by many review websites as the best wireless driveway alarm system out there, the Guardline system is hard to beat. The receiver is equipped with customizable sounds for each of the 16 sensors you can connect to it. The base package only comes with one, but additional sensors are fairly affordable.

The receiver can be set up from up to 500 feet away, allowing you to keep it in your bedroom or wherever you see fit inside your house. The sensors are weatherproof and will last for as long as you need them. A battery backup system ensures that they remain running when the power is off.

Safety Technology Driveway Monitor

For homeowners who prefer something a little more discrete, Safety Technology’s system has you covered. These sensors look identical to a solar-powered light, ensuring that nobody will break them for the sake of not being detected. A range of up to 1000 feet can separate the sensor from the receiver, making it suitable for setup within your home.

What to Consider When Buying a Driveway Alarm

When it comes to wireless driveway alarms, things aren’t too complicated. Simply ensure that nothing is obstructing the sensor’s view of your driveway and that the sensor isn’t placed too close to your garage. This will prevent it from being activated accidentally.

Installing a driveway alarm helps you build a more solid security system for your property. Peace of mind is always good to have, and security is essential. Once you pick up a system of your own, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

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