Seeds Are Growing on the Moon in This New Chinese Experiment

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Check out this new and crazy thing, cotton is growing on the moon. First, it is important to know that this does not indicate that astronauts dredged up part of the moon and started to sow some seeds that are now growing and harvest is about to be ready.

The seeds for cotton plants, Arabidopsis, potatoes, and rapeseed were sent by China to the far side of the moon along with fruit fly eggs and yeast. They were in a canister that created a small biosphere and they made the trip to the moon in 20 days. Then, scientists were able to tell the canister to start delivering water to the potted seeds in the biodome after it landed on the moon. Now, the seeds are germinating!

You may be thinking, big deal. They used Earth soil to do everything. However, this was a big experiment as we have not known the effects of a low-gravity environment. Now we know that it may be possible.

This could have significant impacts on future space missions as it could decrease the need for astronauts to come all the way back to Earth to resupply for their missions. If this becomes successful, we may find a means to use lunar soil to grow plants after this. This is an astonishing discovery.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization shared the following excitement on Twitter:


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