Sega Genesis Mini New Trailer Before The Next Month Launch

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Sega Genesis Mini

The Sega Genesis Mini will be released next month. It is one more month before the gadget hits the market. Check out the new trailer for the Sega Genesis Mini. Yes, needless to say, I am a bit excited for the release and can’t wait for the release. Sega’s Mini offering on the classic 16-bit system will be released on September 19 and comes pre-loaded with 42 classic games.

A few more games included were also never even released like Darius, which is a new Genesis port made specifically for the mini. Genesis version of Tetris is also making an appearance on the machine! How about some Mega Man The Wily Wars which never got released on a cartridge in the west and was instead lost to the sands of time. Other various classics like Phantasy Star IV, Contra: Hard Corps and Castlevania: Bloodlines make the Genesis Mini even more engaging as finding real carts costs almost as much as the new system alone!

Besides the awesome games list, Sega also has the experts at M2 handling all aspects of the Genesis Mini’s emulation. I have great hopes that this could be the best mini we see yet after the poorly operating PlayStation Classic and almost acceptable, in my book, NES/SNES Classics. The Genesis Mini will hold all necessary cables to operate and also comes with 2 3-button controllers. If you would like to use a 6-button controller on the Genesis Mini for the few included games that support it, any of the USB Sega controller variants from Retro-Bit are going to be supported!

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