Segway Navimow Robotic Lawnmower is Now Available in UK

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Segway Navimow

Segway has released its new robotic lawnmower in the UK, the Segway Navimow, the new lawnmower will cost you around £1,299 and go up to £2,299 depending on the model.

The Segway will be available with a new optional AI-powered VisionFence Sensor, that is designed to help the device mow complex lawns.

Designed for a lawn area of up to 3,000 square meters, the Segway Navimow is one of the most intelligent, quietest, and safest mowers on the market. The Exact Fusion Locating System allows Navimow to select the optimal mowing path and automatically change the mowing direction after completing a round of mowing, which avoids the traces left by repeated mowing paths and keeps your lawn in a healthier growth environment. The noise level is minimized to a barely audible 54 decibels, the quietest of the industry, no louder than a standard electric toothbrush. Designed with safety in mind, Navimow has multiple built-in safety sensors, including an IMU and Lift sensor for front and rear lifting, along with VisionFence and Bump sensors for obstacle avoidance. Obstacles such as flowerpots are automatically detected by the unit and bypassed. And the BladeHalt sensor provides an extra layer of safety, stopping the blades if an object has contact with the sensing area. Finally, with IPX6 waterproof level, Navimow is built to endure and can be easily washed clean with a high-pressure garden hose.

You can find out more details about the new Segway Navimow at the link below.

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