Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 10 Beginner’s Tips

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is another feat from the creators of the Dark Soul series. This new game is a step away from their other crafts, but still comes with an air of familiarity. There is a massive environment to explore, and you will come across strong bosses. While there are similar themes as compared to the other games, Sekiro’s gameplay is compelling. The rules may be hard to keep up with but ultimately fair. The playable character, Wolf, is an undying figure, blessed with the ability to return from the dead. If you’re still feeling hesitant, especially as a beginner, there is a complete beginner’s guide on how to play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

1. Use Stealth. This is one of the best beginner’s tips. It’s a mode that users frequently overlook, but doing this will save your neck from tight situations. Conquering Sekiro means using stealth to your advantage. This may be new compared to other games, as here you can easily kill bosses by sneaking up behind them, or avoid enemies altogether by taking a different route. Another advantage of stealth? Eavesdropping! This reveals boss weaknesses, unlock new items from vendors, and even secret paths!


2. Utilize your Parry. Unfortunately, there is no shield in Sekiro. Your enemies will have shields, but you have to work with parries. This is a tricky skill, but worth practicing. Press the parry button once and it will give you a wider parry window. Press this just once as the enemy lands his blow. This, then, will help you fill the enemy’s poise meter quickly, allowing you a chance to finish them with a fatal stroke.


3. Use your two lives wisely. Unlike other games, you only get two lives. Die once, you get resurrected. Die another time, though, you’ll lose all of your money. To make things worse, you also lose the skill points you’ve earned. Keep in mind, though, that this will only happen IF you die twice. Should you die the first time, find your way back to a Sculptor Idol to restore your lives. One other thing, when you die, a disease called dragonrot will start to progress every double-death. The number of deaths required to spread this disease remains unknown, but its status will change the ending.


4. Convert your cash to Sen! Sen is the currency in Sekiro. One of the best tips to get started is to convert your Sen into gold pouches. There is a small extra fee, though, around 10%-20%. If you purchase gold pouches from a vendor, you will no longer lose them when you die.


5. Stab those bosses in the back. This guide can talk about how to fight and survive all day, but the key to actually keeping your two lives intact is to not play fair. Backstab those unaware bosses and save your time and effort. Mini-bosses early in the game is the easiest to kill. Keep out of sight and wait for them to exit. Once they wander back into their arena, it’s time to strike. However, you only get one shot at this. Stealth away from the boss and they’ll recover fully.


6. Search everything and everywhere. Just as you search for a place to answer your “write a thesis for me” plea, you should search everywhere – and everything – in the Sekiro game world. If you find yourself stuck, unable to kill a boss in an arena where enemies are stronger, get a move on, and explore somewhere else. The game is designed in a way that alternate paths are present, new routes to take, and other bosses to finish.


7. Get yourself some of Robert’s Firecrackers. For only 500 gold, you’ll be able to purchase Robert’s Firecrackers from the Memorial Mob vendor. This vendor can be tricky to find, located on a high cliff next to the gate leading to the Chained Ogre boss. You can use them to scare or stun simple soldiers, as well as scare bosses and other opponents.


8. Win over those Red Eye opponents with fire. In the game, you’ll encounter opponents with red eyes. Instead of engaging with them in a fight, defeat them with full fireballs. Equip yourself with the Fire Barrel item from an alternate memory path at the Estate. These red-eyes creatures are dangerous and hard to defeat. Remember that you only have two lives. Better to just burn them.


9. Remember that you have unlimited stamina. Another important aspect of this beginner’s guide is the gameplay’s take on stamina. The basic movements in Sekiro can be confusing at first, but unlike other games, your main character never has to stop and rest. Nothing, not even running, depletes your stamina. Go ahead and dodge multiple times; sprint when fighting.


10. Practice the Mikiri Counter. Spears and swords will be nothing once you’ve unlocked the Mikiri Counter technique. This will allow you to knock spears and swords to the ground to leave enemies open for your blow. It’s easy to learn and will save you in sticky situations!

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