Tired of taking car to the cleaners and spend your hard earned money on washing of your car even when you don’t have time for it?

Nissan is currently busy with testing a prototype that will not require any sort of washing and therefore, you could say that Nissan is busy in tinkering with a self cleaning car.

The idea is to employ a latest paint technology that makes use of nano-paint treatment to repel grime and dirt. Right now, Nissan is putting the prototype to test and so far so good. Why is this technology being developed? Because car wash is expensive, time consuming and a short term solution as mentioned earlier in this article. According to Nissan, it is the first automaker that has incorporated an industry treatment known as Ultra-Ever Dry to a car body.
This method ensures that all water and some of the oil based liquids are repelled away by the car. This is performed by employing the use of a protective layer of air placed on top. In simple words; if your car runs through a puddle, the paint will prevent the mud and other ‘dirt’ from sticking to your car and hence, your car will remain wash-free.

Jumping into specifics; Nissan Europe has employed the use of Ultra-Ever Dry in co-operation with a test Note and as per Nissan Europe, the prototype has performed quite well in spray, sleet, standing water, rain and frost. The company is planning to further test the prototype for a few months before bringing it to market. For those of you who are wondering what Ultra-Ever Dry is; it was launched back in 2012 by Ultratech International which is based in Florida.

Nissan will most probably not make this treatment a standard for its cars but rather introduce is as an option available after purchasing a Nissan vehicle.

Self Cleaning Car By Nissan