Selfie Toaster, Take Your Selfie To The Another Level

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Selfie Toaster

This novelty toaster will basically allow users to burn their images on a piece of bread. Imagine eating bread slices with your roommate’s smirk burnt into it. The product will cost $75 and works by lightly grilling the bread to a golden brown while outlining the image by burning it a bit darker. It is for die hard SELFie obsessed fans.

Selfie Toaster

The idea is for the customers to upload a picture of themselves to the firm Burnt Impressions server that works from Danville. The firm then makes use of Photoshop and a plasma-cutter to create a metal plate with the picture’s impression on and this plate is then installed in the toaster. The toaster, usually, takes about 10 days to get assembled.

Selfie Toaster

According to the President of the company, Galen Dively; ‘this is a first in the novelty toaster world. Before, setup fees and large minimums effectively limited personalised toasters to larger companies, corporations and individuals with deep pockets. We are creating a whole new market; personalised impressions on toast available to all. We finally acquired the machinery needed to make it happen. Gone are the days it cost me £890 ($1,500) just to add one new design to our catalogue. We are now limited only by our creativity.’

The selfie toasters, as per the claims by Mr. Dively, are doing quite well in the market even without any promotion so far. In Mr. Dively’s own words; ‘The response has been great.’

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