Selling Mobile Application: What Is It Used For?

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Mobile Apps

Making an interesting mobile application is still not enough to increase sales in a company. It is important that the application is not only useful and interesting for customers but also fulfills the marketing objectives of the business. That is, it helped to bring buyers, make sales, and also stimulate repeat sales, i.e. return customers to a business.


What features of the mobile application will help to link customers to the company?

Talented mobile app developers can do just about everything. Any magic is subject to them. You just need to formulate your desires correctly. So, to make your business grow and flourish, entrust the development of the application to the guys from ego-cms and be sure to implement the following functions into the application:

Loyalty program

Be sure to implement the Loyalty program function in the mobile application. It is bonus programs that are most effective in motivating customers to make purchases in this particular store, coffee shop, or travel agency. Receiving bonuses for purchases that can be exchanged for real goods in the store, customers will be happy to use this opportunity.

Marketing push notifications

It is no secret that the main goal of a business using mobile applications is to get into the phones of all its customers in order to interact with them using push notifications technology.

But do not abuse this tool and send any messages at any time, when you see fit. This powerful tool must be used skillfully. That is, you should first prepare a marketing campaign, test the time of sending messages (see what time they are best opened), offer interesting conditions, and also monitor the sales results after sending push notifications.

Push notification technology allows you to create groups of interested customers and send messages about promotions only to those who have expressed a desire to receive such messages. Someone will be interested in receiving messages about sales, and someone about the arrival of new collections in a clothing store.

Geo coupons

Geo coupons will help a company to attract customers directly to the office or store, coffee shop, or restaurant. If a travel agency has last-minute deals that cannot be described in one message, then it is worth attracting clients to the office, competently advising, and establishing relationships in order to then sell the tour.

Therefore, geo coupons will come in handy. Invite clients to visit the company’s office to secure a discount, for example, 5% on a tour.

Also, geo coupons will be relevant in restaurants, coffee shops, etc. For example, you can attract customers to a promotion: “Come to a cafe, scan the coupon right here and get your coffee for free!”. In addition to coffee, customers will buy another bun or cake, and someone else will have a full breakfast or lunch. Therefore, the company will be in the black anyway.

QR coupons

QR coupons work in the same way as geo coupons, but they can be scanned anywhere, and you can receive bonuses by making purchases in the company.

Menu. If your client has a restaurant or a coffee shop, then it is important to place all the menus in the mobile application, as well as indicate the cost of dishes. Clients are more active in those restaurants whose menu cost they know beforehand. In Europe, for example, you can familiarize yourself with the menu, find out prices and dishes at the entrance to the restaurant. Statistics also show that about 80% of restaurant visitors prefer to find out the cost of a menu on the Internet initially, and then visit this institution.

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