Sentient Spaceships Coming To NO MAN’S SKY

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In the ninth free update of the space adventure game, Hello Games revealed a new class of spaceships… and they’re alive!

Yes, sentient spaceships are now available in No Man’s Sky.

The biological structures can be examined more thoroughly in the new Starbirth story missions that show the old Korvax experiments that birthed these extraordinary starships. Living Ships are rare additions to an explorer’s fleet, and it wouldn’t be No Man’s Sky without many procedurally-generated modifications.

The ships boast their own organic technologies, and players must attempt into the Space Anomaly if they wish to incubate, grow and fly a living ship. Piloting in VR will let players explore the alien interiors of the new spacecraft.

More space encounters, space NPCs and other content also arrive in the new update. Check out the game’s website for a more detailed look at what coming in No Man’s Sky.

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