Serious Effects of Website Downtime to Your Business

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Website Downtime

Website downtime is inevitable as various factors can cause a website to go offline.

Some of these causes are:

  • Software failure: This issue is usually caused by a lack of focus in testing patches before they are released, this ending in application corruption that can make the whole system down or unavailable. Also, operating systems that are already limping for quite some time may finally die and contribute massively to software failure.
  • Natural disasters: Earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural calamities often cause system downtime.
  • Human errors: Human error can come in the form of inadvertently erasing a server’s file system. To recover essential data and files, you can set up a disaster recovery system in place to take incremental snapshots of your server.
  • Hardware failure: This is the leading cause of system downtime in small to large organizations. While multiple hard drives, network controllers, and power supplies may seem to cover your bases efficiently, no one can tell what unforeseen events can start a system-wide power outage, or when rodents will decide to chew on your equipment cords. SAN or Storage-area network failures are usually shared among mid and small-sized enterprises. This means that when their SAN goes down, the business’ whole environment also goes down with it.

To understand website downtime better, you must know the effects it can have on your online business. Here are some effects of website downtime:


Website sales and revenue are adversely affected

A good reason for you to review your WordPress hosting plans is for you to know the guaranteed uptime of your web hosting provider.

Most of the B2B and B2C transactions, whether these are Purchase Orders, Quotation Requests, Electronic Fund Transfers, or online retail purchases, are carried over a system or network. So, if this underlying system or network experiences downtime, all these transactions will come to a halt.

If the service remains down for a longer time, chances are, these purchases won’t be fully consummated. The buyer won’t be willing to wait forever and will jump ship to another active online supplier. For online buyers, some who decide to put off a purchase can eventually forget to come back for it.

A single transaction might not hurt your business, but imagine if thousands of customers are adversely affected. Your profit might suffer. Apart from that, customers might be discouraged to buy again because of one bad experience.

Last year, Amazon experienced one-hour downtime on Prime day, and such outage cost them $100 million loss in sales. Businesses that are not solely dependent on online purchases may also suffer other forms of monetary loss during server downtime.


A brand’s reputation will take a massive hit during downtime. 

If your website goes offline often or frequently, all your business efforts will be in vain. Your website design, your promotion, your WordPress hosting plans, and your content won’t matter if the audience could not access your site.

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Aside from cost-efficient plans, WP Suites guarantees 99.9% uptime, making your business’ online presence more prominent and steadier, one business day at a time.


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